Saturday, 25 February 2017

The light of your life?

Have you seen how much lampshades cost these days? Ever wondered if you could make one yourself? Hazel has, and now all the lamps in her house have been upgraded ! Each one bespoke, each one unique, each one beautiful ( even if I say so myself 😉)

And so that everyone can have beautiful lights we've come up with a fantastic workshop, which we took to Hexagon Quilters last week,

With everything provided, Hexagon Quilters were soon busy printing  fabric using a variety of found printing blocks, stencils and brush and roller techniques. Using an evenweave 100% cotton fabric we used textile screen inks which give great coverage, are fully mixable and leaving the fabric with  soft handle, perfect for some hand stitching once dry.

The textile screen inks are designed for use with thermofax screens, which some students brought along. But it's also fantastic for use with print blocks,

Including those made from string wrapped around a piece of downpipe or offcut of wood!

Colours were bright or subtle.

And there was time to add a few hand stitched embellishments before the cutting and making up the final shade.

So if you feel inspired to create your own bespoke lampshade why not join us for our next workshop in the studio? All the details can be found on our website:

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